Frequently asked questions

I understand that everyone wants a different vibe for their wedding day. I take time to get to know you and help you create your perfect ceremony.

Who are the photographers featured on your website?

I’m immensely grateful to work with some of the best photographers in the industry. They are not only incredibly talented but also fantastic humans as well. Of course, I highly recommend them!

In order of appearance on website:

Nicole Butler, Cavanagh Photography, Stories with Mel, Justin Aaron, GMTMT, Alex Marks Photography, Little Black Bow Photography, Azure Creative, Nicole Butler, Walker Weddings, Euphoria Films, K3 Photography, Hungry Hearts CoWith Heart, Rosie Hastie, Justin Aaron, Margan Photography, and House of Lucie


What paperwork do I need to get married?

Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM): must be signed at least one month prior to the ceremony. We can fill this in together when we meet.

Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage: I call this the “you haven’t suddenly realised you’re siblings and you haven’t got married to anyone else since we signed the NOIM” paperwork. I usually sign this with you when I check in with you just prior to your ceremony.

Two Official Certificates of Marriage and your commemorative marriage certificate. You will need two witnesses who are over 18 and who can understand the ceremony. We all sign these together after you’ve had your big wedding kiss.

What paperwork do I need to prove I’m officially married?

Your legal marriage certificate is something that needs to be ordered from Births, Deaths Marriages. I send you through a link after your wedding, so you can easily order this. You will need this legal certificate if you’d like to change your name. 

How much does a wedding celebrant cost?

The million dollar question! Basically, the cost of a celebrant reflects their experience and how in-demand they are. The more important questions I hope couples are asking are:

  1. Are we choosing a celebrant who suits our vibe, who will invest time to get to know us, share our stories and create a memorable and meaningful ceremony?

  2. Will our celebrant be there to calm our nerves, make sure the ceremony site is perfect and make our guests feel welcome and relaxed?

  3. All this legal stuff and wedding planning is complicated and overwhelming. Is our celebrant going to make the legals and planning uncomplicated, easy to understand and fun?

  4. Above all, are they going to go above and beyond to ensure our wedding day runs as smoothly as possible?

In my experience you get what you pay for, and for me it’s not just about delivering awesome, fun wedding ceremonies, but everything else that’s involved. I’m approachable, efficient, great with admin, and care a LOT about making your wedding journey as easy, fun and stress free as possible. Don’t take my word for it, there are a lot of incredibly nice reviews on my Instagram.

How far in advance should I book a marriage celebrant?

Now. Book now. I book out every year and I always feel so sad turning away beautiful couples who are so keen for me to be their marriage celebrant.

How long is a wedding ceremony?

It totally depends on your wedding, but generally I allow 30 mins from when I pick up the mic (including pre wedding pep talk to guests, musical entrances) to sending you back down the aisle as a newly married couple. Obviously each ceremony is very different, so when we chat I can give you a better indication.

Do I have a list of recommended wedding vendors?

Hell yes! I’ve worked with a LOT of wedding vendors over the years and can recommend wedding vendors based on what you’re looking for. If you book me, I have a list of my favourite vendors which I send through to you.

Am I into elopements and surprise weddings?

Yes. I’m a pro marriage maker, I’ll do it in any way you need! If you’re after a celebrant for naming days, funerals, other ceremonies, they’re not my jam at the moment, but I can recommend other celebrants who are great at these types of ceremonies.

Do you MC?

Of course! Let’s face it, while your best mate is hilarious, they also want to be relaxed and swigging champagne to celebrate with great vigour that you two are married. By the time of your wedding, I know you well and I can carry you and your guests through the night with some great laughs. I have a list of games, run sheet template and can give speech advice, plus all the boring things like making sure that everything happens on time and without stress.

Am I an inclusive Marriage Celebrant?

Of course. I hate that this is even a question.

I use inclusive language in all my ceremonies, e.g. “family and friends” instead of “ladies and gents” and I was joyfully bawling on 15th November 2017 in Prince Alfred Park for the YES announcement.