Elopements, registry style weddings and paperwork only weddings

Get married anywhere, anytime, in the most relaxed way!

Elopements are the easiest and most affordable way to tie the knot, but they’re also memorable as unique as your love story.

With elopements, you have the freedom to plan exactly what you want. Having married more than 100 couples in elopements, I can assure you that no two are the same! Whether you prefer paperwork in a pub, vows by the sea, or a cozy backyard gathering, I’m here to make it legal, memorable, and fun.

Eloping is not only quicker and cheaper than a marriage registry wedding, but it also allows you to get married anywhere you want. If you need recommendations for beautiful locations or talented photographers, I’ve got you covered. And if you want to make your vows extra special, I provide you with a Vow Guide for inspiration.

What is an elopement?

The bare minimum, legal, marriage ceremony requires the couple, a celebrant and two witnesses. You can get married anywhere, anytime.

My elopements allow for up to 20 guests, with additional guests charged at a small fee.

For your elopement, I offer two options:

  1. Just the legal wording, or
  2. A very short and sweet ceremony. This 3 minute cereremony includes generic, yet lovely words that make it more like a wedding. When you book with me, I’ll share the script in advance, assuring you that it’s heartfelt and not cheesy or awkward. While the ceremony isn’t personalised beyond your names, it creates a memorable and meaningful experience for you both.

How much does eloping cost?

Weekday elopement: $500

Weekend elopement: $600

Travel: $50/hr travelled

Meredith was awesome! We wanted a super-chill ceremony where everything that wasn’t meaningful to us could be dropped. But we also had a bunch of other ideas we wanted to incorporate, to make the day meaningful for us. Meredith worked with us to shape it all into a beautiful whole.
The ceremony and elopement exceeded our expectations. Meredith was patient, understanding, flexible and supportive throughout the planning process. And come the big day, felt more like a good friend than someone we had recently met. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Olivia & Gavin

Meet your marriage celebrant

Hi, I’m Meredith and I love elopements!

Imagine being able to create your wedding day EXACTLY as you want to. Being able to focus on just the two of you and being so relaxed you almost can’t believe you’re getting married.

This is how your elopement should be. All about you two, and just getting married. Shoes and guests optional.
While it is quick and simple, it’s also heartfelt and memorable. I’m the friendly person at the helm, ensuring you two are relaxed and everyone is having a great time.

Sometimes couples have no idea what they want, so I help them plan something unique to them. Other couples have it all planned out, and I’m the person who makes it legal. Whoever you are and whatever you want, I’m the one to make it legal and fun.

Let’s chat and get you married!


How to elope

My couples rave about how easy it is to get married with me. I keep things simple, and you’ll be surprised at how straightforward the process can be.

10 minute video chat

We have a video chat to complete the legally required Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM).

You can ask questions and we make a plan for your wedding day. I will check all details a week prior to your elopement.

A fun, relaxed, memorable elopement

At least one month after we sign
the NOIM, I marry you!​

You’ll need two witnesses. These can be people you know or people passing by. You can say your own vows, or just the legal words. 

All paperwork lodged

I complete all paperwork within 48hrs
send you the details for ordering
your legal certificate.

I then send you the details for ordering your legal certificate. I’ll also send instructions for how to change your name, if this is something you want to do.

Wow! From the moment we first chatted with Meredith, we knew we’d made the right decision. She made everything easy and we felt so relaxed with her. Our elopement was perfect. Even though it wasn’t a big wedding, she made us feel special and made the moment very memorable for us.

Amy & Dave

The 10 best places to elope in Newcastle

Newcastle has a stunning coastline, so any of the beaches are a great option.


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