Meet Meredith

I’m a fun-loving, bike-riding, gin-drinking Newcastle girl.

I believe there’s always room for more plants in my house and more dresses in my cupboard. On my days off, you’ll find me camping, gardening, at the beach, or hanging out with friends.

​Very importantly, I love 90s music and would never leave a dance floor untouched!

​When I saw a fantastic ceremony after a row of terrible ceremonies, I realised how important it is to have a ceremony that truly reflects the couple and sets the vibe for the rest of the day.

I also realised that being a celebrant would be a fusion of all my best talents: meeting new people, being the party starter, creative writing/storytelling, being an admin queen, keeping people calm, managing events and drinking champagne. It’s like all my superpowers combined into one incredible job!

Now I have the best job in the world and am continually falling in love with the wonderful couples I get to marry.

​My ideal couple? They’re best friends who want their ceremony to reflect who they truly are. They provide me with fantastic answers to my questionnaire, are excited to meet with me to create their ceremony, and they are getting married to celebrate their love.

I understand that everyone wants a different vibe for their wedding day. Whether it’s ‘soppy tears meaningful’, ‘side-splitting giggles’, or somewhere else on the spectrum, I take time to get to know you and what your ideal ceremony looks like.

Quick Facts

  • She/Her pronouns
  • LGBTIQ+ inclusive
  • Fluent Spanish speaker​
  • Loves ocean swimming, bushwalking and bike riding
  • Previous career in PR, event management, corporate partnerships and community arts
  • A country girl who lived in Sydney for 15 years and settled in Newcastle in 2018.

Let’s get personal!

Throughout our journey together, I’m going to get to know you well!

​I’ll ask lots of questions, pry into your love lives and uncover all the juicy deets that will make your ceremony one-of-a-kind. In the spirit of sharing, I’ll start the ball rolling by answering a few questions about me!

What’s the best thing about being a celebrant?

During the ceremony where there’s a relaxed couple, a crowd giving great vibes and energy, and we’re all laughing, crying and having the best time ever together. I feel like the conductor of a rollercoaster – taking everyone on an emotional ride together! The best weddings are when I get everyone on the same level, take everyone on a shared journey that they’ll remember forever.

It’s not easy and takes a lot of energy. That’s why I spend time with each person getting married before the ceremony, warm up the crowd with a pre-ceremony chat and have a few other tricks I use. It’s like giving everyone the brief on what adventure we’re about to embark on, making sure they’re prepared and ready to have a great experience.

Aside from this, I love entrances and exits. I’ll probably rave at you about how I create epic entrances and exits for you. They’re my specialty.

What’s the worst thing about being a celebrant?

Ironing or steaming my clothes. Hate it.

Anything you absolutely won’t do for a wedding?

Sing. No one needs to hear that.
Get my nails done. I hate painting my nails and have never had my nails done. I live a pretty adventurous life, so can’t have my nails holding me back.

Are you married?

Oops, no! We’ve been together 8 years and are engaged, but we decided to buy a house and have a child first. I do sometimes regret not having a big party wedding before having a child, but we’ll get there eventually.

We’re hanging out for a time when our child is old enough to palm off to the grandparents/babysitter while we party all night*. We’re both extroverts and have run events and festivals, so we’ve got a good vision of what we want to create.

*let’s face it, a late night for me these days is around 10pm. I’ll start the wedding early so I can party sufficiently AND get to bed at a reasonable time!

When Married by Meredith finally gets married – what are the essentials?

Drinks on arrival, good music throughout the day, plenty of food and a surprise DJ set from us. Obviously not such a surprise now it’s on my website, but I’m hoping none of our future guests read this.

Also, big one – photos before the ceremony (with an emotional first look moment captured by our photographer) to allow for max time at our wedding with our guests. I’ve pretty much already written the run-sheet.

We’ll have access to the venue for three days, as my brother and his wife own a wedding venue in Goulburn. So a hangout the night beforehand with our besties and family is a must, as well as a recovery the day after.

Have you ever met a couple you don’t think should get married?

I get asked this a LOT!
No. Being a celebrant has shown me that every relationship is unique and special in its own way. I’ve learned that just because a relationship may be different from my own, it doesn’t make it any better or worse. There are such a variety of personalities in the world, of course every relationship will be unique!

Weirdest/wildest wedding experience?

I married a couple in a funk band, on stage during their gig. I had to say the legal words along with the music, without notes. The band is known for their great costumes, so I got to wear an amazing outfit too. The crowd went wild!

A life experience that impacted you the most?

Travelling and living in Latin America for two years in my early 20s. It took me out of my comfort zone, showed me what was really important in life and how incredible the world is. I learned to speak Spanish fluently, dance salsa and did a lot of things that I probably wouldn’t do now that I’m older and wiser!

Wise words to couples planning a wedding?

It’s your wedding, do it your way. I want you to look back on your wedding knowing you created a celebration that’s truly yours. Don’t do things just because you think they should be done.

And the most important thing to remember is that you’re creating a marriage. It’s not just one day. Your wedding is one of many significant moments in your life together.

To be Married by Meredith is to be married by a dear friend. She embodies a calm and warm energy that makes you feel grounded, comfortable and confident throughout an often overwhelming process! Meredith not only gives you guidance and flexibility, but she will find the sparkle that makes your duo a unique and beautiful thing to celebrate. What a delight to have this wonderful human with her generous smile be such an important part of one of the most significant days of our lives!

Genevieve & Ollie

If you are thinking of booking Meredith as your wedding celebrant, we wholeheartedly recommend that you do it! Meredith created a warm and welcoming atmosphere at our wedding on Saturday, and her presence really helped to set the tone for the rest of the day. Meredith’s attention to detail is outstanding, and she made sure that everything ran smoothly. The ceremony itself was beautiful and heartfelt, eliciting lots of laughs, tears and compliments from our guests. One guest even told us he was enjoying the ceremony so much, he “wanted her to keep going.” Meredith has a lovely voice, a gift for public speaking, and her words were both meaningful and eloquent. We are so grateful she was there to kick off the most important day of our lives so far!

Mon & Josh